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Chiang Mai is a multidimensional city that is one of the top travel destinations in Thailand.

Sanae’ Old Town, is a boutique hotel located in the heart of the old town. It is in a perfect location to explore and a great place for you to unwind. You can easily design and arrange an exhilarating trip the following day


Chiang Mai is regarded by many as the second capital of the country and the city center is referred to as the old city still has many small clusters of diverse communities that live together harmoniously. You will create magnificent memories from the graciousness and friendliness of the locals and with new companions you meet throughout your journey.
                        <br><br>Come and experience the charm of Chiang Mai. It is a unique encounter that you will not discover anywhere else, in a unique environment at…" Sanae’ Old Town" 

Place to Go


Doi suthep is the iconic mountain of Chiangmai situated Wat Phra That Doi Suthep(Temple) and Pu Ping Palace. The place that everybody must go.


Night market with variety of merchandise as art and craft together with some sumptuous food stall. You can enjoy street art and music along the way


The magnificent Lanna architecture style worth visiting among other temples . the temple and chedi is beautiful and must for photographers.

In addition to a relaxing time at "Sanae Old Town", you can also walk around a stunning moat that marks the division between the old and the new town. Chiang Mai is full of delightful old communities and has over 150 magnificent temples.


Morning - Give alms to Buddhist monks along the moat; have breakfast at "Sanae Old Town”

Late Morning - Visit the first temple of Chiang Mai, Wat Chiang Mun, the previous palace of Phaya Mangrai the founder of Chiang Mai. Afterward, tour Sompet market and Ming Muang market to taste the local street food like; "Nam Ngiao (Northern Thai curry with pork)", "Khao Ngiao (Northern style steamed rice with blood sausage)" and "Sai Uae (Northern Thai spicy sausage", all dedicatedly prepared by local vendors.

Noon - Head on over to Warorot Market, try street food, noodle shops that have been in business for many decades, and go shopping in the Chinatown of Chiang Mai area "Trok Lao Jow"

Afternoon - Relax back at the hotel

Late afternoon - Wander around the Walking Street or ride a bicycle around the old town and have an impromptu photo shoot at the historical Thapae Gate.

Evening - Visit Warorot Market (Kad Luang) and have dinner at Chang Phueak Gate Market.

At Sanae Old Town, you will realize that happiness and joyous moments are just a stone's throw away.